Request Design - With Elizabeth

I’m a self-taught, part-time artist with a passion for creating tattoo designs. Fun fact: in my normal life, I’m a grad student and my dissertation is about tattoos – that’s how much I love them!. When I’m not studying or drawing, I can be found cuddling my kitties or riding my bike.

Ever had a tattoo idea but didn’t know how to put it down on paper? That’s where I come in. My main goal is to draw you a design that will make you say “yes! That’s it!”. And with EasyTatt, you can give it a try without the permanent commitment. Sounds perfect, right? I am most adept at floral designs, mandala-esque line work, and animals. I am a pretty flexible artist and have done successful sleeve designs, watercolor, traditional tattoos, and much more. Let me know what you want and I’m sure I can make it for you!

Have an idea? Shoot me a message or an email ( with the following information:
1. Where on your body will this tattoo go and how big do you want it?
2. What elements do you want in your tattoo? (Basically, describe what you want it to look like)
3. What style do you want it to be in? (e.g. realistic, watercolor, traditional, black line work, etc)
4. Is there a special meaning behind your tattoo? Is there a meaningful idea you would like me to capture?
5. Are there any pictures that inspire you or that you want your tattoo to emulate?
6. How much were you hoping to spend on a design? (I like to be flexible with my customers on pricing) 
Once I get going, I will send progress sketches of your tattoo so you can edit as we go. Then when you’re happy, I’ll have you order the design. You will get a high resolution scan on your design and the physical original if you want. Then you can use it to get an EasyTatt or as wall art 😊

Good luck with your tattoo journey! Peace ❤