Shipping is FAST and AFFORDABLE - Worldwide!
Non-Custom orders: 1-3 business days
Custom Temporary orders: 4-5 business days
Custom Semi-Permanent orders: up to 4 weeks
Please note if your order contains Custom Semi-Permanent tattoos plus other items from our library we will ship the non custom items of your order first and your custom will processed and shipped separately as per the timeline mentioned above. 
Please note, we are experiencing processing delays (on top of the estimates provided above) due to higher than usual volume of orders.
Our team is working very hard to dispatch all orders ASAP, we sincerely appreciate your patience at this time.
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Within Australia:
Standard: 3-7  business days 
Price: $7.98 AUD (FREE over $50 AUD)
custom temporary tattoos
Express: 1-4  business days 
Price: $12.49 AUD (FREE over $99 AUD)
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New Zealand:
Standard: 5-10 business days
Price: $7.98 AUD (FREE over $56 NZD)
DHL Express: 1-3 business days
Price: $38 AUD
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USA and Canada:
Standard: 5-9 business days
Price: $6 USD
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DHL Express: 3-5 business days
Price: $25 USD
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UK and Ireland:
Standard: 5-9 business days
Price:   $14.98 AUD
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DHL Express: 1-4 business days
Price:   $38 AUD
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Rest of World:
Standard: 8-18 business days
Price:   $15.98 AUD
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DHL Express: 3-4 business days
Price:   $38 AUD
Temporary Tattoos
semi-permanent tattoos
Temporary tattoos are applied using water that transfers them onto the skin. They appear instantly and last 4-8 days on average. Add the Shine Remover to create an ultra-realistic matte appearance! EasyTatt temporary tattoos are the longest lasting in the market but can be removed at any time with ease.
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Semi-Permanent tattoos tattoos are derived from a 100% fruit-based ink that stains the skin a very dark blueish/black colour. The ink actually soaks into the skin and they last 1-2 weeks. They fade gradually over time and cannot be removed easily at any time.
realistic temp tat
Individual Semi-Permanent tattoos? (Nano Ink)

Nano Ink is a revolutionary product that utilises our semi-permanent ink and embeds the formula into a nano layer of organic material.

This technology allows us to create complex semi-permanent designs that are incredibly easy to apply!

Semi-Permanent Stencil Kits

These are high quality stencils that stick to the skin and are then traced using the bottle of semi-permanent ink. Stencil kits include enough ink for the stencils + much more, allowing you to also experiment with freehand! semi permanent tattoos

What is Shine Remover (EasyMatte)?
Shine Remover is for use with our temporary tattoo product line. One of the tell tale signs of a temporary tattoo is the shine that it gives off. EasyMatt™ is a shine removing formula that gives your tattoo a more realistic matte look. It also adds a second layer to your tattoo, enabling a longer lasting result. Simply apply a light layer of EasyMatt™ over the tattoo to achieve a matte look and protect it.
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I'm an Artist, how do I collaborate with EasyTatt?
We welcome artists and illustrators of all types from anywhere in the world. You don't need to be a tattoo artist. Simply send an email to hello@easytatt.com and we will provide you with all of the information you need.
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Can I commission an artist to draw up a totally new design?
Definitely! Just send us a message and we can connect you with an EasyTatt artist who will take you through the process. Once it's drawn, simply upload it via our custom temporary tattoo page and we'll have it printed and shipped out.
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How do I apply my tattoo?
Applying your tattoo is super easy. Just head over to our How it Works page for instructions and an application video. Every order includes application instructions.
Are the tattoos safe and non-toxic? Yes
Our temporary tattoos use 100% organic soy-based inks
Our semi-permanent tattoos use 100% organic fruit-based inks
All of our products are safe, non-toxic and FDA compliant.
How do I remove my temporary tattoo?
The best way to remove your tattoo is with household tape. The tattoos are waterproof so it is actually more difficult to remove them with water.