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EasyTatt Ink co.
Our Tale to Now & The Road Ahead..
One fateful day in 2017...
Back in 2017, Pascal Tolley was just 26 and off to a strong start in the penultimate year of his law degree at the University of South Australia. Things were looking up – until March 13th, when news came from his parents…

His only brother, Paris Tolley, had taken his own life. The news was so shocking that Pascal dropped out of university. The inseparable pair had come apart..
Pascal Tolley Ward - Founder & CEO
From grief, newness
After many agonising months of grieving, Pascal emerged with a desire to commemorate his brother. A tattoo would be perfect – but with so many shared memories and tattoo concepts in mind, which design would he choose?
Obviously, a tattoo would be on Pascal for life so it was extremely important that he got it right. Pascal had some tattoo ideas in mind but he couldn't believe there wasn't a way for him to test-drive his tattoo ideas before getting the needle..
“I just wanted to experiment with different tattoo designs, sizes and placements on my body before making a forever commitment.”
In that moment, you may as well have tattooed a lightbulb upon Pascal's brow:
"Wouldn’t it be great if I could upload my own custom artwork then receive it in the post a high quality custom tattoo? That way, I could test-drive it before getting the real thing!"
Everyone loved the concept – he knew Paris would have too. And just like that, March 13, 2017 no longer stood for endings alone. It marked a new start in Pascal’s life. A business adventure that would inspire his family and delight a global community of passionate souls.
His Lightbulb Moment
Not your typical
temp tattoo!
These tattoos would be nothing like the cheap transfers from our childhood. No, they’d be unlike anything the world had seen before and, of course, fully customisable!
100% Organic
Vegan | Cruelty-Free
Soy-Based Ink
Lasts 1-2 Weeks
Water & Sweat Proof
No Shelf Life
Ultra-Dark Pigment
Deep & Rich
Super Fast and
Paving New Paths
Slow at times, in ferocious torrents at others, Pascal's vision began to manifest. No matter the pace, he felt a presence guiding him.

Soon enough, the business was real. Pascal couldn't help but marvel at what he'd created. Quality, long lasting tattoos, every bit as realistic as the genuine article - only non-permanent.
What, Like it's Hard?
The business idea sparked renewed hope in Pascal and that summer, he went back to complete his law degree. But simply getting his life back on track wasn’t enough. For his brother, he pushed further.

In 2017, Pascal was accepted into and completed two intensive courses at Harvard University. And what an experience it was! Pascal met many like-minded souls.

Yet even this intense study schedule did not slow his ongoing research and development. And in November 2017, just one month after returning to Australia,
EasyTatt v1 went LIVE.
Practice Law or Full-Time
In December 2018, Pascal completed his law degree. The boy done good! A proud moment for all, beyond which the climb to corporate stardom lay waiting.
Finding our form
Just as Pascal mastered one world, he arrived in another at the ground floor. Building a website, securing sales… Running a business was tough – but a cakewalk compared to what he’d been through losing his only sibling.

From the Ward family home spare room, business began. Sam (one of his oldest, closest mates) was there to lend a hand, as were Pascal’s parents.
Creators, Unite!
EasyTatt began by offering custom non-permanent tattoos, and achieved popularity doing so. But beyond those in the biz, few people had digital tattoo art ready to print. “Our growing audience wanted to shop from a rich art library” – so that’s what Pascal provided.

Obtaining artwork was a new challenge but growing momentum sparked brilliant opportunities for the global tattoo artist community.

Pascal engaged with new and renowned artists alike, inviting them to share their creations in non-permanent form whilst retaining rights and enjoying a respectable sales cut. Artist by artist, interest grew. Soon, we were a family. And to this day, we show no signs of slowing.

After 4 months, the EasyTatt library contained ~400 authentic designs to try out semi-permanently. Today, we have over 7,000 pieces of artwork from artist in over 18 different countries with more being added every month. Incredible, right?
Plus so many more...
The ET Crew Expands!
Having cut his teeth as a solo founder, Pascal was more than ready to begin making hires. First, he secured his very first office space. Small, sure – but a warehouse compared to the home studio that faithfully supported EasyTatt during its early days.

For the next four years, this would be EasyTatt’s home as the team grew slowly yet steadily to seven.
In Jan 2023, we moved to our 300 sqm home that currently hosts our tight-knit collective team of 15…
Goin' Global Baby
From 2022-23, EasyTatt continued to establish itself as a fledgling e-commerce brand receiving orders from new regions daily. Pascal and the team put their heads together – the next step was clear. Bring quality semi-permanent tattoos to the whole world.

For us, that meant entering new markets at a local level. And so, we launched EasyTatt USA in January 2024 and EasyTatt United Kingdom in February 2024. Next to launch will be our EU and Canada stores.
Thanks for Stopping by!
Back in 2017, I never would have thought this all possible. Even when I was studying law, my true dream was always to start a company and be my own boss. I just never thought I could do it…

Some days, I find myself just stopping and sitting back for a second. Years down the line, it’s still sinking in. It’s all real, somehow.

To every one of our past and prospective customers – thank you. We’re only here because of your support.

Keep sharing your tatts on social, letting us know what you want to see as EasyTatt grows, and playing your part in celebrating the creativity of tattoo artists worldwide.

No matter how big we get, we’ll never forget our roots. And that means abiding by the 4 core values that Pascal laid out from Day #1:
Self Expression Inclusivity Support Community